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Executive Summary

This Service Domain supports a factoring service for corporate customers enabling them to convert accounts receivable into immediate funds at a discount

Examples of Use

The Bank buys (factors) a batch of a corporate’s customer invoices at a suitable discount to provide short term liquidity to the corporate. The bank processes the subsequent customer payments

Role Definition

A bank offers factoring services to buy a customers’ accounts receivable at a discount to provide short term liquidity. The bank will subsequently process the accounts receivable to recover purchase costs. In cases the bank may factor portions of the accounts receivable to a specialist third party

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Evaluate the quality and make-up of the corporate’s account receivable
  • Price and negotiate the factoring transaction with the corporate
  • Process the factoring transaction
  • Process accounts receivable for the purchased invoices
  • Factor elements of accounts receivable to specialist agencies