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Executive Summary

This service domain operates automated message interfaces to secure networks such as SWIFT, TELEX, ACH and Financial Market/Exchange reporting services

Examples of Use

During the 24 hour cycle, the bank’s ‘wire room’ unit establishes the connections with the different payments, SWIFT and reporting networks

Role Definition

This service domain supports the operational connections with the range of financial networks that support interbank and financial institution connectivity. This includes SWIFT, ACH gateways, and market exchange/regulatory reporting connections. The service domain does not create content itself, it provides a message exchange service between (financial) institutions for various units within the bank. It may format messages and maintain and apply authentication and encryption keys to the transmitted messages and necessary. It also provides operational message recovery and retransmission facilities as appropriate

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Financial Gateway Session

Key Features

  • Operate the bank’s connection to financial networks
  • Handle inbound and outbound financial messages
  • Maintain and apply encryption/authentication keys
  • Handle service configuration and operational controls