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Executive Summary

This service domain sets up and processes a fraud case resulting from fraud behavior that has been detected during production processing

Examples of Use

A pattern of possible fraud is highlighted in transaction records that is researched and evidence of fraud discovered. Prosecution/resolution activity is initiated

Role Definition

Setup and update Fraud Case and handle investigation and resolution steps, which may involve initiating containment actions, obtaining documentation, performing forensic investigation and actions, determining liability, initiating resolution actions such as reversals and financial adjustments, subscribing and publishing to Consortia, determining root cause and initiating corrective/preventive actions. The Fraud Case may be opened by Product/Channel Facility,  Fraud Diagnosis or by Customer Case.

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Fraud Case

Key Features

  • Setup fraud resolution case
  • Obtain documentation and evaluate
  • Determine and assign liability
  • Define and initiate resolution activities