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Executive Summary

The Hedge Fund Administration Service Domain handles all aspects of the set-up and operation of a hedge fund that is offered to accredited investors within the bank’s customer base

Examples of Use

A bank operates a hedge fund to support its accredited investment customers. The fund targets a market segment of specific interest to its investor membership

Role Definition

Hedge funds group accredited investors as limited partners to the fund with the fund manager as the general partner. As investors are restricted to being accredited a hedge funds is free to make more aggressive investment decisions and can generate higher returns. Fund income combines management and performance fees

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Handle the fund’s accounting, tax administration and financial reporting needs
  • Manage/develop the fund, investing in alignment with fund policy
  • Handle investor inflows and outflow processing to the fund
  • Process management and performance fees
  • Support/oversee all general investor servicing and process middle and back office functions