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Executive Summary

Track the status of the assets underlying leasing agreements as they represent collateral items that could be accessed in the event of account recovery

Examples of Use

Example of use:The bank reviews the maintenance schedule for a major piece of equipment leased by a customer with bank financing to confirm that preventative maintenance has been undertaken as required and that the equipment is being used as intended

Role Definition

This service domain handles the oversight, administration and confirmation that any required maintenance tasks that are associated with a leased item that is the subject of a leasing agreement financed through the bank. This can include scheduled and ad-hoc item valuations, status/documentation and title checks and tracking upkeep actions that the item owner is obliged to undertake (such as obtaining certification and insurance) 

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Record and classify leased items
  • Oversee/review leased item status and valuation checks
  • Confirm the maintenance, certification and insurance arrangements are in place