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Executive Summary

The Mutual Fund Administration Service Domain handles all aspects of the set-up and operation of mutual funds that can be offered to the bank’s general (non-accredited) customers

Examples of Use

A bank operates mutual funds to offer its non accredited customers access to suitably structured investment opportunities.

Role Definition

Mutual funds provide an investment vehicle to general investors and as such are highly regulated and tend to focus on lower risk/return investments. Mutual funds are allowed to charge investors a management fee, but unlike hedge funds the mutual fund manager is not permitted to share in the fund’s performance

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Handle the fund’s accounting, tax administration and financial reporting needs
  • Manage/develop the fund, investing in alignment with fund policy
  • Handle investor inflows and outflow processing to the fund
  • Process management fees
  • Support/oversee all general investor servicing and process middle and back office functions