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Executive Summary

This Service Domain operates production information exchanges with external parties for non-financial messages/transactions. It may employ a broad range of channels, media and technologies as needed to support the different requirements of any particular third party interface

Examples of Use

The bank has to provide updates to an external Token Service Provider when the bank issues new cards to its customers and the corresponding token issued by the service provider needs to be replaced/updated. The supported message protocol needs to ensure suitable security in the exchange and also ensure that the confirmation/response from the external agency is matched and returned to the calling bank function

Role Definition

The Operational Gateway Service Domain handles the secure sending and receiving of non-financial messages (and files) to and from professional entities outside the bank. The Service Domain may employ many different communication channels and mechanisms as appropriate for the type of information exchanged. The selected mechanism will need to consider volume and performance needs, security, channel availability and technical feasibility in addition to supporting different scheduling and exchange arrangements that may be needed. The operation of the external connection will usually be governed by an associated service level agreement (SLA)

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Determine and agree connection approach and service level agreement with third party
  • Establish connection mechanism and exchange schedule and protocol with third party
  • Send non-Financial messages to professional external parties
  • Process an acknowledgement from
  • the receiver in the case of an outgoing message

  • Receive non-Financial messages from professional external parties
  • Send an acknowledgement to the sender in the case of an incoming message