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Executive Summary

This service domain maintains a small profile of key indicators for a customer that is referenced during customer interactions to facilitate routing, servicing and product/service fulfillment decisions. This can include status (such as account in arrears), ratings (such as high value customer) and alerts (such possible fraud activity detected)

Examples of Use

The identity and active status of a customer is checked as they present themselves on-line to access their bank account

Role Definition

The customer profile service domain is used to tune the customer experience during any real-time interaction with the bank. A collection of status indicators, ratings and alerts can be maintained that are then used to influence the routing and servicing decisions that govern the customer interaction. For example a status indicator could include a warning that the account is in distress which would limit sales activity and might result in routing a contact to a specialist account recovery servicing facility.

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Key Features

  • Track and provide customer status flags (e.g. in arrears)
  • Track and provide customer ratings (e.g. credit rating)
  • Track and provide customer alerts (e.g. possible fraud activity)