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Executive Summary

This service domains processes the movement of funds between accounts within the bank or to/from an account held with another bank, selecting the appropriate payment mechanism

Examples of Use

Example of use:Funds are transferred from a customer’s account with the bank to a payee account held at another bank

Role Definition

Payment Execution handles the back-end processing of a movement funds from a debtor account to a creditor account. Payments need to have been authorized and validated against customer/bank agreements before being instructed to Payment Execution. Payment Execution then determines whether debtor and creditor accounts are held within the bank and if not selects the appropriate payment mechanism/channel to use to complete the transfer. It is responsible for ensuring that both (or neither) sides of the exchange are completed successfully 

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Money Transfer Transaction

Key Features

  • Determine the appropriate payment mechanism
  • Retrieve counterparty payment instructions/preferences
  • Generate creditor and debtor instructions
  • Confirm (and report) both legs of the movement are completed