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Executive Summary

This service domain provides a customer payment service. It captures the payer and payee details and other key properties of the payment and orchestrates the transaction. It provides support for repeating/scheduled payments

Examples of Use

An established customer transfers an amount from their current account to an overseas account for a family member. As this is a recurring transaction, the details are maintained and updated as necessary

Role Definition

This service domain supports payment services for consumer and business customers. Payments are made to other accounts within the bank, other banks and possibly internationally using whatever payments mechanism is suited to the transaction (See Payments Order/Execution). The service domain can support single transactions, or manage repeating/scheduled payments if requested

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Payment Instruction

Key Features

  • Capture payment instruction details
  • Verify/validate payment transaction (check funds available)
  • Initiation payment order processing
  • Retain, apply and update repeating remittances