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Executive Summary

This Service Domain handles the operational interface with payment service providers, formatting outbound transactions and onward routing inbound transactions during scheduled operating sessions. It also links to holding account facilities for net payment handling

Examples of Use

The bank receives a payment notification for one of its customers from the payment service. Once lower level message security checks have been performed the interpreted message is passed to the Payment Instruction Service Domains for further processing.

Role Definition

This Service Domain handles the operational interface with one or more external payment services or ‘payment rails’. This includes formatting outbound messages and extracting and mapping inbound message content for internal processing during the scheduled operating sessions of the payment service. If the payment service fulfillment involves the store and forward of payments for clearing and settlement purposes, this Service Domain will interact with a paired Holding Account Service Domain to handle the underlying recording and movement of funds between the bank and service provider.

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Handle outbound payment transactions
  • Handle inbound payment transactions
  • Handle transaction warehousing (delayed send)
  • Handle transaction update, repair
  • Handle holding account access and reconciliation