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Executive Summary

This service domain operates servicing positions within the bank. It administers all media connections, inventory holdings (e.g. cash), provides access to support utilities and tracks servicing activity -e.g. time spent, activity logs, capturing servicing events including commission and training related actions. In cases servicing positions can be automated

Examples of Use

Teller personnel are assigned to teller servicing positions at a branch where they are provided with a cash float and access to consumer product support systems.

Role Definition

The servicing position supports all point of sale, branch and channel based customer interactions including e-tellers and contact/service center positions. The facility provides access to product and service systems, supports activity tracking and access to other support and administrative systems as necessary. It can include CTI as appropriate. The service domain integrates with the Customer Dialogue service domain for customer session/narrative support when appropriate. The servicing position can be fully automated for some servicing activities

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Core Business Object

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Key Features

  • Provide employee access and apply access profile to the position
  • Provide user access to servicing and product fulfillment services
  • Provide user access to interactive help facilities
  • Provide local inventory and position tracking facilities
  • Provide access to event logging and commission reporting
  • Provide automated point of service support facilities