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Executive Summary

Capability used to match eligible product and product combinations to a customer based on prevailing conditions such as customer type, product interest, solicitation/retention, campaign alignment

Examples of Use

Example of use:A customer servicing representative initiates a product matching dialogue after resolving a disputed payment in favor of the customer, hoping to leverage the positive contact situation to generate additional business opportunities

Role Definition

The service domain implements a decision service (that might be interactive) to isolate the preferred product(s) for which a customer is eligible in a specific servicing situation. The product selection logic will balance factors including customer indicated desired product type/features, customer type/profile, solicitation/retention/enquiry servicing situation, prevailing campaigns/bank preferred products. The decision logic improves product selection to optimize the customer interaction and support business development

Related Business Scenarios

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Key Features

  • Determine customer product interest
  • Isolate eligible products
  • Consider context to filter/prioritize products
  • Apply broader campaign/bank preferences