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Executive Summary

This Service Domain supports a program trading capability where the trading decisions are made based on predefined/programmed rules and policies. Manual oversight and monitoring capabilities are supported as appropriate

Examples of Use

A bank operates a program trading facility to rebalance some of its managed customer investment portfolios

Role Definition

Program trading covers a broad range of market trading activities, where the trading rules policies driving the trading decisions are automated, likely with some level of human monitoring/oversight as appropriate. This generic Service Domain is intended to support any form of program trading. In practice a bank may find it necessary to ‘clone and specialize’ the service domain to support different type of program trading it may employ as necessary.

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Support the set-up and maintenance of a portfolio of traded securities
  • Support the definition and update of automated trading rules and policies
  • Support the capture and tracking of market information to trigger trading
  • Support manual oversight and monitoring of automated trading activity
  • Support the automated execution of market trades