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Executive Summary

This Service Domain supports a broad range of complex financial, accounting and regulatory actions involved in providing advice and practical support to companies going public and/or raising additional capital through the issuance of publicly traded securities

Examples of Use

An investment bank assembles a consortia of banks as lead bank to orchestrate an IPO for a rapidly growing private company that wishes to raise significant capital to expand its operations

Role Definition

A public offering involves the specification and packaging of corporate equity or bonds in the public markets to raise capital. This can be the initial public offering (IPO) when a private company is first taken public, and secondary/follow-on offerings to raise further capital. IPO’s involve a broad range of financial analysis, auditing and regulatory approval actions. A lead bank and several underwriting banks may coordinate to underwrite the initiative. Secondary offerings can be dilutive (create additional shares) or non-dilutive (redistribute existing shares).

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Determine and specify the optimum financing mechanism (debt or equity)
  • Coordinate with regulators for the approval and registration of the instrument
  • Develop comprehensive financial and managerial assessments to support the pricing of the instrument
  • Package the debt/equity security for public investors and undertake road-shows as necessary
  • Coordinate as lead or secondary underwriting bank for the IPO
  • Support the traded equity/debt instrument maintenance and fulfillment actions if necessary