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Executive Summary

This service domain provides a service to interpret regulatory requirements, provide guidance and define and implement a portfolio of regulatory compliance tests across all appropriate bank activities

Examples of Use

A new customer’s details are passed for regulatory watch list checks. A subsequent transaction is reported for regulatory compliance checks

Role Definition

This service domain administers the scheduled and ad-hoc application of regulatory checks. This includes interpreting the full range of regulatory requirements governing the bank’s operations and determining which regulations apply in specific circumstances across the enterprise. Support and guidelines are provided to activities in the bank that are subject to the regulations and scheduled and ad-hoc checks performed to confirm compliance 

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Regulatory Compliance Check

Key Features

  • Schedule/target regulatory checks
  • Consolidate documents/activity pertaining to regulatory tests
  • Provide advice/guidance for achieving regulatory compliance
  • Evaluate and report on activity for regulatory compliance,
  • Notify and track responses for detected regulatory failures