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Executive Summary

This Service Domain presents a structured set of services that the customer can select from

Examples of Use

A customer logs into the bank in order to notify the bank of their change of address. They are presented with a service selection dialogue that enables then to quickly isolate the specific service

Role Definition

This Service Domain handles the context sensitive presentation and selection of services that a customer may choose from to access the bank. These represent the packaging together of the underlying service interactions with one or more Service Domains as necessary, masking the complexity of the internal structure of the bank’s applications from the user. The selected service will align with a workflow followed in the Session Dialogue Service Domain that actually orchestrates the selected service delivery

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Filter services to those for which the customer is eligible
  • Determine the type of service being requested
  • Isolate the specific service within the type/category
  • Determine any required service settings or options
  • Provide processing details to be followed to realize the service