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Executive Summary

This Service Domain handles the back office processes that confirm and notify interested parties that securities and funds are available as traded in anticipation of settlement processing

Examples of Use

A market trade is passed to the back office for clearing and settlement.

Role Definition

The process handles the notification and agreement of trade details and confirms securities and funds are made available in the corresponding cash and securities depository systems. Note the mechanics of the confirmation process can vary significantly for different security types and market places. In all cases the goal of the clearing process is to confirm and notify the transaction details to all interested parties to ensure that subsequent settlement of the transaction progresses smoothly

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Create and issue confirmation notices as necessary
  • Resolve discrepancies with interested parties
  • Confirm and pre-assign cash availability as necessary
  • Confirm and pre-assign securities availability as necessary
  • Forward transaction for settlement processing