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Executive Summary

This Service Domain supports the bank’s interface to a central market matching and confirmation service whether the bank acts as broker dealer or institutional investor

Examples of Use

Broker dealer and institutional investor trade details are matched and confirmation/affirmation obtained during a trading period

Role Definition

Trade matching and confirmation/affirmation is the process by which the broker dealer and institutional investor involved in a market trade ensure they agree all terms early in the trade process. The matching function is typically performed by a central market facility with both broker dealer and the institutional investor reporting trade details independently. The central system matches reported trades and then seeks confirmation/affirmation from the interested parties. This Service Domain supports the broker or investor role interfacing to that central market service

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Report trades to the matching service
  • Review matched trade reports and confirm/affirm details
  • Resolve and escalate unmatched trade issues