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Executive Summary

This Service Domain fulfills a credit line facility that supports the trade financing requirements for a customer active in import and export trade. Traded goods and services can be booked as collateral to the loan.

Examples of Use

An importer sets up a loan that draws on its credit line with the bank to finance the advanced purchase of goods from an overseas supplier

Role Definition

Trade finance covers a broad range of financing, guarantee and transaction processing services. This Service Domain handles the fulfillment of a flexible line of credit provided to a customer active in import/export business to provide them access to trade related financing. Traded goods and services can be used a collateral against loans applied to the facility.

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Initialize the trade finance credit facility
  • Provide access to book loans against the facility
  • Calculate and apply interest and fees
  • Process withdrawals and deposits
  • Administer collateral allocations made against the facility
  • Support account reconciliation and reporting requirements