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Executive Summary

This Service Domain supports the activities of individual traders working within a trading book group

Examples of Use

A trader of a dealer desk is assigned a specific set of security positions to trade with associated trading guidelines and limits

Role Definition

Traded Position Management facilitates the trading of one or more selected securities by one or more appointed traders acting within a trading book ‘team’. It enables the allocation of trading responsibilities and limits/constraints to individual traders acting within the group. The trading position includes facilities to enable the individual trader to monitor market opportunities, perform back testing, obtain quotes and for deal capture. A deal blotter records the dealer P&L during the trading session. The facility may also provide access to various securities valuation, market analysis and trading sensitivity/simulation tools.

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Support trader access to market information feeds and analysis
  • Support trader limits and activity tracking and reporting
  • Maintain trade blotter and trading P&L calculations
  • Support market opportunity evaluation and quote management actions
  • Support deal capture and reporting actions