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Executive Summary

This Service Domain handles the implementation and fulfillment of unit investment trusts

Examples of Use

An investment trust is established and sold to a group of investors

Role Definition

Unit trusts offer a fixed term investment vehicle for bank customers with terms typically ranging from one to twenty years. Unlike many other types of investment fund the unit trust issues a fixed number of shares and is not actively managed during its term. The fund may exchange severely underperforming assets in rare cases. Investors may be able to exchange shares with other investors within the trust but the fund is essentially ‘closed’ to the originating investor pool for its full term

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Handle the unit trust’s accounting, tax administration and financial reporting needs
  • Package the initial investment for the trust
  • Handle share exchanges between investors in the trust
  • Process management fees
  • Support/oversee all general investor servicing and process middle and back office functions