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Management Hans Tesselaar Executive Director of BIAN T: +31 (0) 20 563 69 67 hans.tesselaar@bian.org General Inquiries BIAN General Secretariat info@bian.org Postal Address BIAN e.V. Platz der Einheit 1 60327 Frankfurt am Main Germany Permanent link to this post (35 … Continue reading


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Board Members

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BIAN is intended to be highly member driven through BIAN Working Groups and includes various management roles that are considered to ensure the integrity of the Association and make the organization function effectively and efficiently. BIAN’s principal organizational entities include: … Continue reading


BIAN’s Mission is to assist and guide the banking industry towards a consensus-based approach to achieving the vision of a flexible architecture which is closely aligned with business objectives of increased agility and reduced cost by asking leading banks to … Continue reading


BIAN Members BIAN members briefly outline why they joined BIAN  and make clear what they expect from the association. Permanent link to this post (20 words, estimated 5 secs reading time)

About BIAN

Banks need a flexible architectural model for the growth of banking services – one that enhances interoperability and reduces integration costs. The BIAN model is a Service Oriented Architecture with consistent service definitions, level of detail and boundaries. This makes … Continue reading