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BIAN is intended to be highly member driven through BIAN Working Groups and includes various management roles that are considered to ensure the integrity of the Association and make the organization function effectively and efficiently. BIAN’s principal organizational entities include: … Continue reading

Membership FAQ

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Members Is your company already a BIAN member? Please sign-up here. Non-Members BIAN is an open association for the banking industry. Banks, software vendors and service providers are all very welcome to join our association. The Membership of banks is … Continue reading

Member Quotes

BIAN Members show their support for BIAN through a variety of means, including participation in BIAN working groups, sponsorship of events, chairing groups, and implementing specifications. They also issue statements in support of BIAN through testimonials, which typically accompany BIAN … Continue reading

BIAN Members

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Members of BIAN drive the banking industry by understanding the requirements and trends as well as by designing and providing new IT-solutions therefore. The association lives by the participation of its members. BIAN members contribute actively in the association. However … Continue reading