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BIAN Standards

BIAN Service Landscape 3.0
Published on April 8, 2014 The new release of our industry standard framework contains over 180 business scenarios for banks. Developed by BIAN’s international network of leading banks, banking software… Read More »

BIAN in 90 Seconds

Watch the video and find out what the BIAN community wants to achieve …
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White Paper

BIAN and The Open Group collaborated to produce a white paper, in which the core elements of the two individual frameworks have been projected onto each other.
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BIAN engages with the community in a number of venues. Meet the BIAN members and Team at the BIAN Introduction Day and on other conferences and events.
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BIAN MemberQuotes from Asseco
At Asseco, we believe that optimal architecture and proven functional design determine the quality and value of our products.

Slawomir Ziajka
Director of Product Planning and Development at the Commercial Banks Division

BIAN MemberQuotes from Allshare
As a supplier of standard banking and securities systems, we see that the ease of deployment and integration within the existing landscape is the key to success for new solutions. In Allshare’s opinion, the requirement for interoperability can best be achieved with industry standards.

Ton Sleurink
Founder, Strategic Marketing

BIAN MemberQuotes from Sungard
BIAN is the place where banks and software vendors learn, discuss and ultimately disseminate best-process practices.

Mats Lillienberg
Chief Technology Officer

BIAN MemberQuotes from Erste Group
I am absolutely convinced that cost pressures and banking regulation will lead to stronger convergence in business, operations and IT. To stay competitive in the long run, banks need to leverage investment in core banking infrastructure with peers and embrace open standards – ‘coopetition’

Christian Gosch
Group CIO
Erste Group

BIAN MemberQuotes from Rabobank
Lowering integration costs,
minimizing IT risk, thus allowing
banks to focus on their strategic
priorities through IT industry
standards is important to us.

René Steenvoorden
Chief Information Officer

BIAN MemberQuotes from IBM
Open standards create interoperability and accelerate the adoption of new technologies that help industries work more intelligently.

Chae An
Vice President, Financial Services Solutions

BIAN MemberQuotes from Nucleus Software
The need to integrate different applications, platforms, technologies and suppliers is one of the biggest IT challenges banks are facing today.

Ravi Pratap Singh
Head of Global Product Management
Nucleus Software

BIAN MemberQuotes from Banco Galicia
Banco Galicia was the first Argentine bank to offer mobile payments and an internet portal to its customers – we adopt revolutionary technology, to enhance our customers’ banking experiences.

Eduardo Agra
Chief Information Officer
Banco Galicia

BIAN MemberQuotes from ABN AMRO
Increasing agility and reducing costs are priorities for ABN AMRO and we expect to achieve significant reductions in integration costs through our BIAN membership.

Henk Houtzager
Head of Strategy, Innovation & Architecture