• BIAN Introduction Days in 2016

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  • BIAN defines over 700 new business scenarios

    Service Landscape 5.0 set to be translated into multiple architecture languages

  • BIAN grows to over 70 strong with five new global members

    Silverlake Axis, VirtusaPolaris, Nordea, Data Action, IntegrationWorks

  • MISYS and BIAN 2016

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BIAN Standards


BIAN Service Landscape 5.0
Published on September 28, 2016 – Based on a service-oriented architecture, SL 5.0 sees the number of defined business scenarios, for which the BIAN model can be used, jump from 190 to over 700.
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BIAN in 90 Seconds


Watch the video and find out what the BIAN community wants to achieve…
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White Paper


BIAN and The Open Group collaborated to produce a white paper, in which the core elements of the two individual frameworks have been projected onto each other.
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BIAN engages with the community in a number of venues. Meet the BIAN members and Team at the BIAN Introduction Day and on other conferences and events.
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BIAN MemberQuotes from Capgemini
We are extremely pleased to be joining BIAN. Capgemini has always been committed to adopting standards. We believe BIAN is the future of the foundation for a unified and consistent integration approach for the integration ecosystem across Banking.

Michael Leyva
VP Global Practice Head Banking and Diversified Financials

BIAN MemberQuotes from Bangkok Bank
The bank adopted a service-oriented architecture over 15 years ago with the objectives of improved agility, reduced cost and improved consistency. In the past five years, we have implemented newer technologies based on web services to expand and update the infrastructure supporting our SOA.

Ian Guy Gillard
Executive Vice President
Bangkok Bank

BIAN MemberQuotes from Sicredi
By working closely together with BIAN we expect to improve our agility, costs and consistency hence delivering world-class solutions in the digital economy era.

Paulino Rodrigues
Chief Information Officer & Chief Operating Officer

BIAN MemberQuotes from BML Istisharat
Joining BIAN, is a significant leverage for BML Istisharat meeting its commitment to international standards and continuous improvement offering agile, efficient and evolving solutions in accordance with best practices.

Raji Challita
Software Manager
BML Istisharat

BIAN MemberQuotes from Diasoft
We are excited to be taking an active role in shaping industry standards which will bring numerous benefits to financial institutions globally.

Mikhail Kryuchkov
International Business Development Director

BIAN MemberQuotes from UniCredit Group
In this way, UniCredit can align its assets to industry standards, specifically for commoditized banking functions, and take advantage in being part of this international network by taking part to the specific working groups.

Patrizia Iacovone
Head of ICT Strategy at UniCredit
UniCredit Group

BIAN MemberQuotes from Temenos
Our clients want software that adheres to integration standards so they can reduce cost and risk while at the same time increasing the agility of their IT infrastructure.

Group Strategy and Marketing Director

BIAN MemberQuotes from TCS Financial Solutions
We are pleased to be joining BIAN. TCS has always been committed to adopting standards and influencing them where possible. We believe BIAN offers the potential for further standardisation and gives banks the tools to rationalise and simplify their businesses.

R. Vivekanand
Vice President & Global Head – Product Delivery
TCS Financial Solutions

BIAN MemberQuotes from Sopra Banking Software
Together Sopra Banking Software and BIAN are fully focused on the need to promote industry standards and SOA.

Renaud Winand
Head of Product Department
Sopra Banking Software