The Journey to Coreless Banking with BIAN

The initiative, spearheaded by a leading association of banks and solution providers will provide a platform for banks to collaborate with leading software vendors on developing a future-proof, and compatible banking microservices infrastructure based on BIAN architectures. This will solve the perpetual challenges presented by legacy core infrastructure.

During this session we will demonstrate how standardization will support your organization by its Core Banking renewal. Your Roadmap to Plug and Play Banking. By Banks for Banks.

A panel, consist out of Steve Van Wyk, Chairman of the BIAN Board and Global Chief Information Officer at HSBC, Shanker Ramamurthy BIAN Board member and, Global Managing Partner Banking and President IBM Industry Academy, Chad Ballard, BIAN Board member and Managing Director, Head of Core Banking Technology at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Gareth Richardson, Chief Operating Officer, Thought Machine will discuss the different options and future developments of BIAN’s Coreless initiative.

Member Case Studies to Coreless Banking