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The BIAN model is based on a service-oriented architecture that defines the standard business capabilities that make up a bank- such as payments, loan offerings or trading facilities.

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BIAN Standards

The BIAN Standards are provided from the BIAN Working Groups. BIAN Working Groups collaborate, sharing knowledge and experience around SOA for the banking industry with a current focus on core systems.

The Working Groups focus on defining services within an agreed overall common services landscape.

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BIAN and other standard bodies

BIAN is in partnership with independent standards bodies such as Object Management Group (OMG) and The Open Group.

In addition, BIAN has a ‘category D liaison’ with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), for ISO 20022 semantic models. BIAN incorporates when possible the work of these organizations. As an example, the BIAN Metamodel is closely aligned to, and draws on parts of, the ISO20022 Meta Model for many of the detailed definitional aspects.

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BIAN Guidance

BIAN Practitioners Guide, A Guide to Adoption, BIAN Practitioner Community, BIAN in Chinese

A Guide to Adoption - The BIAN Starter Guide, to support members both new and old in adopting BIAN’s model. The guide provides a high-level step-by-step overview.

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SWIFT’s mission is to drive efficiencies in the financial industry by enabling automation. To achieve this, SWIFT’s standardization efforts focus on the content and usage of messages exchanged between institutions. Because BIAN’s interest is in standardizing the IT landscape within institutions, BIAN is fully aligned with SWIFT’s goal of increasing efficiency, but complementary in its approach. SWIFT supports and contributes to BIAN to ensure that BIAN and SWIFT/ISO standards work well together and deliver maximum efficiency benefits for the industry.

Patrik Neutjens
Head of Partner Management | SWIFT
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White paper

API Classification Guideline for BIAN Architecture

In Financial industry, many API are released from bank and IT vendors by improving information technology. Especially, mobile application accelerates promulgation of financial API.

Published in June 2015 by Carnegie Mellon University — Heinz College

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White paper

MITB Capstone Project Report BIAN-IFX-ISO20022 (CARDS)

Published in June 2015

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White paper

BIAN Capstone Project — Implementation of Financial Message Standards to BIAN Architecture

Published in January 2015

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