The main advantage of participating in BIAN is the ability to gain increased knowledge from work in progress on service standards, which would likely be useful to a bank’s own work in defining services as part of an SOA initiative.

Other benefits of active participation include:

  • Peer networking opportunities because of meetings and contacts with architects from other banks who share common interests and concerns about SOA.
  • The ability to assess vendor maturity and leadership in the development and support of applications based on an SOA as an outgrowth of informal working relationships formed as part of BIAN participation.
  • The opportunity to contribute to – and to influence – development of service level standards in the banking industry. In doing so, a bank would have the potential to steer attention to those areas of most concern to its own operations, assuming such concerns reflect other bank members’ interest.
  • The development of BIAN standards is occurring at different speeds in varying subject areas, all based on member participation and interest.
  • A boost in a bank’s reputation as being a forward-looking institution by taking a leadership position on a new technology approach to bank architecture.