BIAN Standards

BIAN provides the assets and deliverables of BIAN Working Groups free of charge. The following list shows the two latest versions of the BIAN Service Landscape.

Name of Asset Date
BIAN Service Landscape 5.0

This version includes all 296+ service domains completed, 600 business scenarios + 2000 Service definitions

September 28, 2016
BIAN Service Landscape 4.5

– This version includes 20 new candidate Service Domains defined and 600 new candidate Business Scenarios.

July 11, 2016
BIAN Service Landscape 4.0

– This version contains: 7 Business Areas, 36 Business Domains, 280 Service Domains, 1960 candidate Service Operation, 178 Business Scenarios and The BIAN How-To Guides have been aligned.

May 12, 2015