July 28, 2020

In this webinar, PNC Bank will discuss how they have adopted the use of the BIAN Service Landscape and BIAN APIs in their approach to modern software development. This will include an overview of how BIAN has been integrated into the bank as a whole as well as how it is used in their day-to-day delivery.

In addition, PNC will highlight a few select examples of internal innovation inspired by their goal of leveraging BIAN to accelerate time-to-market and ensure adherence to overall architecture and development standards. Finally, PNC will discuss their partnership with BIAN and how the two organizations leverage a continuous feedback loop to establish ongoing recommendations on opportunities to iterate, extend and improve upon the BIAN model.


Presentation (PDF)

Q&A Paper



Michael Nitsopoulos
SVP Strategy, Innovation and Architecture, PNC

Natalie Gilbert
Software Developer, PNC

Luke Kraus
Software Developer, PNC

Hans Tesselaar
Executive Director, BIAN