Misys joins collaboration on global banking standard with BIAN membership

June 2, 2016
Publication: Finextra

Misys, the leading financial software company, today announced its membership of the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN), a non-profit group looking to reduce integration costs for banks through the creation of consistent service definitions in a service-oriented architecture.

The move is in line with Misys’ commitment to empowering banking transformation and supports interoperability, as well as the creation of industry-wide best practices.

“Banks are under an increasing amount of pressure to componentise their IT architecture, but legacy systems infrastructure often forces them to take a rip and replace approach to their core banking systems,”said Boris Lipiainen, Global Head of Product Management, Misys. “21st century banking is in need of innovation and our membership of BIAN allows us to collaborate with other industry players to lower IT integration costs, while increasing flexibility and efficiency — benefits that will ultimately be passed on to the consumer.”

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