March 23, 2022

How to adopt BIAN in your existing framework or how to start from scratch using BIAN is an increased challenge we are getting confronted with.

B.I.A.N. Services GmbH with its experts and trainers will give you an overview of BIAN approaches that are available and a preview of trainings that will be developed to support you in your architectural journey.

Learn more about:

  • The existing Banking Architecture Foundation Training
  • New training program especially developed for Data Architects & Analysts
  • The BIAN Professionals Certification program
  • Preview of existing and new trainings to showcase the Business Value and Benefits, custom developed for C-level Executives and Managers
  • Preview of trainings on BIAN Process Modelling and BIAN for Developers

In addtion, we show a use case example on how to use the BIAN models in Data Modelling.




René De Vleeschauwer

Hans Tesselaar
Executive Director