The WG activities are temporarily paused. Expected re-start is May 2020. There is a plan for future activities.


The Corporate Banking Products WG has developed Business Scenarios around products like Corporate Current Accounts, Corporate Deposits, Virtual Accounts, Sweeps and Pooling. These scenarios will be maintained and if requests come in they will be extended. In future the Working Group intends to shift its focus to corporate financing related products and services like Corporate Lending, Syndicates, Private Placement and M&A. Once sufficient expertise becomes available in this area, the activities of the WG will be resumed.

Service Domains

Managed Service Domains include:

  • Corporate Current Account
  • Corporate Deposit
  • Direct Debit Mandate
  • Cash Management & Account Services
  • Cheque Lock Box
  • Corporate Bundles
  • Corporate Finance
  • M&A Advisory Services
  • Public Offering
  • Private Placement
  • Virtual Accounts (pending)


The WG has currently produced 78 Business Scenarios in the following categories:

  • Corporate Current Accounts
  • Corporate Deposits
  • Virtual Accounts
  • Sweeps and Pooling
  • Salary Accounts
  • Standing Orders
  • Direct Debit Mandates
  • Interest
  • Bookings and Amount Blocks
  • Corporate Finance


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