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Executive Summary

This service domain handles the capture of market research from multiple external sources. This can include live feeds, analysis and reports in any form. The information is classified/catalogued and stored for retrieval.

Examples of Use

A market research department handles the access and consolidation and classification of market research

Role Definition

This service domain supports general market research for a wide range of uses and sources – including customer and competitor activity and related market assessments. It can combine subscribing to and consolidating market research with supporting on-line/interactive access to market news sources (general, not financial market). A more sophisticated implementation will support specific market information requests and the consolidation of gathered intelligence

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Market Research

Key Features

  • Identify and subscribe to market resource services
  • Operate access to market research service to obtain reports
  • Consolidate, classify and maintain research
  • Provide access to market research within the bank (direct and for analysis)
  • Support ad-hoc requests to identify and obtain market research