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Executive Summary

Fulfillment of a loan product for  the purpose of property purchase. Note different servicing patterns can be applied to interest calculations and principle and interest repayments

Examples of Use

Example of use:An established bank customer applies for a mortgage to purchase a home – the offer process is completed and the mortgage facility is established and funds disbursed to complete the purchase

Role Definition

The service domain handles the fulfillment of a loan product intended for the purchase of a property. Title to the property is usually administered as collateral for the mortgage loan. Note several different financial arrangements can be supported (interest only, variable rate, repayment). Furthermore the administration of the collateral is delegated to the Collateral Administration Service Domain and overseen by this Service Domain

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Key Features

  • Mortgage facility maintenance – fees, interest, reporting
  • Payments and withdrawals, liens and sweeps
  • Collateral tracking and oversight