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Executive Summary

This service domain maintains the allowed customer servicing arrangements for a service provider covering general access to the bank’s products and services and optionally customer specific arrangements

Examples of Use

A third party provider has accessed the bank on behalf of a customer to initiate payment for a purchased product. The bank checks that the service provider is permitted to perform payments in general and whether there are specific constrains for this customer

Role Definition

The Servicing Mandate service domain maintains an agreement between the bank and an external party that governs/constrains the allowed access given to the bank’s products and services. This access permission can be defined at two levels – overall for the service provider and at a more detailed level as applied to a specific customer.

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Servicing Mandate

Key Features

  • Set-up mandate covering 3rd party access to services
  • Set-up provider’s customer specific servicing permissions
  • Check proposed activity is covered by the mandate
  • Maintain/report on 3rd party activity