The updated Service Landscape has 57 additional APIs, bringing the total to 243. The new APIs cover the outstanding banking specific functions that have not been included in BIAN’s library to date. These include the likes of account reconciliation, corporate payroll services, and hedge fund administration.

In addition to this, the Service Landscape has been updated so that there is a clear and straightforward link between the BIAN models and the derived technical implementations of BIAN APIs. BIAN has also aligned the APIs with prevailing technical standards, such as OAS 3x, an open-source development standard that is widely used across the industry to ensure the APIs are easily adopted.

BIAN Portal

you can navigate

* The Service Domain Smantic API portal
* The Service Landscape 10.0 digital repository
* The Github Semantic API definitions to contribute
* The Practitioner Guide (for a getting started)

* The Model API (to access and provide feedback) for BIAN Artefacts — Sandbox & Live



Release Notes 10.0


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