Published on September 23, 2019

The V8.0 release contains substantial updates to the BIAN Metamodel and content.

There has been a significant change in the definition and mapping of Action Terms to the Service Domain Functional Patterns. These changes were required to improve the mapping to REST. As before the expanded content includes a new and more robust set of extended service operations and a greatly expanded information model based on ISO 20022.

Version 8.0 has seen a significant participation of the Working Groups in defining content, which made it possible to have a steep increase in the documented Business Capabilities, Business Scenarios and Service Domain descriptions, notably Control Records and Service Operations.

From Version 8 onwards the model is being documented in BiZZdesign, BIAN’s new repository. It currently includes the Business Capability Model, the Business Scenario Model with Service Domain descriptions and the Business Object Model.

Descriptions of Service Operations and Control Records are in Excel. Migration to BiZZdesign and integration is foreseen in the next six months.

The BIAN Metamodel Architectural concepts are expressed in version 8.0 in the ArchiMate 3.0 architecture modelling language. It gives Banking Enterprise Architects who are familiar with the ArchiMate Language a more precise understanding of the BIAN defined metamodel elements. In previous versions all model elements were expressed in UML Class Diagram notation with stereotyping. The ArchiMate language is more rich in expressing the context of the defined BIAN metamodel elements.

The BIAN Reference Architecture is expressed in a combination of ArchiMate and UML. The BIAN service landscape is expressed in ArchiMate language. Business Object Model and Business Scenarios are expressed in UML, The Business Object Model is expressed in UML Class Diagram, the Business Scenarios are expressed in UML Sequence diagrams.

A fundamental change on the look and feel of the digital repository has been made.

The HTML version of BIAN V8.0 offers a starting page from where navigation can start. Also a search function allows to find elements in the digital repository.

Version 8.0 includes additional new content and reworking of the V7.0 content to reflect changes to the Action Terms and Functional Pattern mappings that have been needed to improve the consistency with the REST mapping. These changes are the result of feedback received from the membership based on practical implementation experience. As noted these changes will be fully documented in the upcoming BIAN Semantic API Practitioners Guide.

The BIAN Book (edition 2019) has replaced the former How-to-Guides. In the near future also a new version of the BIAN Book (Edition 2020) will be published, reflecting the afore mentioned changes implemented in Version 8.0.

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