Published in January 2015

BIAN defined with its Service Landscape 3.0 release 280 discrete business Capabilities and around 360 Service Operations. Furthermore, BIAN described the implementation procedure of the BIAN architecture as a “How to Guide”.

However, these BIAN standards model represents a high-level service layer of the banking business interactions. When banks adopt the BIAN Service Landscape into their actual business environment, they require intermediate and more detailed layers, which allows them to deploy physical message definitions either on an ESB or to the cloud.

In collaboration with Masters students in Carnegie Mellon University’s Masters of Information Systems Management program (MISM),  BIAN worked on a capstone project to examine, design, and establish such mapping processes on the message layer.

The objective of this project was to focus on open source Financial Message Standards — IFX and ISO 20022, and to develop mapping procedures for the BIAN Architecture. The first insights are now available.