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Executive Summary

Agree the policies and required make-up of an investment portfolio and ensure all required bank and regulatory terms and conditions are addressed

Examples of Use

A relationship manager established the investment agreement for a customer that is setting up a managed investment portfolio

Role Definition

Agree the customer investment portfolio governing principles, risk appetite, management/trading guidelines and target portfolio profile. Identify any desired/target and ‘out of bounds’ securities/sectors. Ensure disclosures and related eligibility, suitability and other regulatory obligations are addressed and reflected in the agreement

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Investment Portfolio

Key Features

  • Identify and agree investment portfolio properties and make-up (includes risk appetite)
  • Handle regulatory and bank requirements (e.g. disclosures, suitability, eligibility)
  • Identify any target and securities to avoid
  • Agree key roles and schedules for the investment portfolio handling