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Executive Summary

This service domain maintains a comprehensive directory of the bank’s products and services. It can be referenced to obtain product details used to support activities including product selection, sales and marketing, on-boarding, servicing and product fulfillment.

Examples of Use

A customer accesses the product directory to obtain product feature descriptions, eligibility and pricing guidelines

Role Definition

The product directory service domain provides a central service to reference product specifications and related details. The broad range of specification information available includes: product feature descriptions; pricing and eligibility requirements used in sales and on-boarding; servicing support and guidelines; and operational and production requirements

Related Business Scenarios

Core Business Object

Product Directory

Key Features

  • Maintain product/service operational requirements
  • Maintain product/service sales/marketing rules and guidelines
  • Maintain product/service suitability and eligibility requirements
  • Maintain product/service servicing guidelines and diagnosis
  • Maintain product/service production requirements
  • Provide structured access to the product directory